Section 1B Narrative

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What is Narrative? - the way in which a story is told in both fictional and fictional media texts.

Film research and planning - There is always illegal activities of some kind going on, killing, drugs, fraud, robbery ect.

- Expections in this genre are very explicit scenes which show the world as it is (drugs), setting in an Urban Area, lower class charcaters, slang used, contrasts between the classes in a hegemonic world.

Todorov - a state of equilibrium - presents the audience with the themes and the settings of the narrative e.g. protagonist rides up on a bicycle, introduces himself thorugh a voice over and their 'trap house' where the drugs are held.

- a disruption of the equilibrium - relationships with characters develop, problem established to audience. - e.g. The kidnapping of Jeff and attempted murder on the main protagonist Tyrone.

- a recognition that there has been a disruption - the problem has been clearly identified. e.g. Tyrone wakes up shell shocked…


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