Section 1B Genre

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Genre: A Category of Media Products Classed as Being Similar in Form and Type.

Narrative Structure:

The protagonist is illustrated with their environment/social class. Also, the protagonists family and friends are shown as well so that the audience is aware with his/hers relationships with other characters.Then a distribution of the equilibrium is situated, founded by the environment or the antagonist which brings upon issues for the protagonist.Protagonist undergoes through life-threatening encounters or chooses a decision to even issues out. Fir example: Seeking revenge.In that case, the protagonist either has made an escape from his/her problems due to their decisions, or the protagonist choices has led to another death of a loved one or themselves.

Narrative Structure (part 2):

‘Todorov’s Theory’ implies that the narrative leads of a basic structure. For instance at the start of the film the atmosphere is in a equilibrium, though it is breached during the mid-point of the film and it revolves around the protagonist. Then at the end the matter is resolved and a new equilibrium arrives.In comparison Urban Drama films express vague connection to Todorov’s theory as the narrative starts with the impartial ambience yet in the middle of the film the conflicting issues start to happen till it reaches a tense moment in the film. And the film usually has altered endings which could raise biased views whether


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