Section 4: Food Choice - Chapter 7: Factors affecting food choice - 3: Food labelling and marketing influences

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  • Food labelling:
    • Why food labels are used and what they have to show:
      • They give consumers information so they can make informed food choices
      • They are used to attract consumers to buy a product - designed to be eye-catching, colourful, appeal to different target groups
      • They protect the consumer and food manufactuer by giving certain information by law: name and description of food product; ingredients list; net quantity (weight or volume) of the food; name and address of food manufactuer, distributor or retailer; place of origin of food; how to store, prepare and cook the product (food safety); shelf-life (use-by and best before dates); allergy warnings; additivies information
      • Food labels can be hard to read/understand
    • Nutrition information:
      • It became law to show this in December 2016
      • Labels must show for every 100g/100ml and serving quantity of a food or drink product: energy value (kJ or kcal), protein (g), total fat (g), saturated fat (g…


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