Section 3: Northern Ireland Government

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Problems facing the Northern Ireland Government


Historian Russell Rees observes that James Craig and the Ulster Unionists had "achieved a major success in the establishment of Northern Ireland." However, the new state faced a number of problems including political, socio-economic and security problems.

The Government of Ireland Act 1920 provided for the establishment of two governments and parliaments in Ireland.

The Northern Ireland government had no power to legislate crown, war, peace, armed forces, foreign affairs and trade outside NI. It couldn't confiscate property or introduce religious laws.


Craig remained prime minister until 1940 and he allowed NI to drift and the secterian divisions to deepen. He was keen to conclude the nI state as he didn;t trust Britain. 

A serious worry for Ulster Unionists was that Britain didn't see the 1920 act as a final solution and within a year the Anglo- Treaty was signed in Dec 1921.

During the next 4 years the boundary Commission underwent revision and Unionists worried about the future. meanwhile Nationalists refused to recognise the new state and refused…




Is there a 2nd part to this? It is very good up to this point.

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