Section 3: Lenin's cultural values


What were the cultural values of Lenin's Russia?

How did Lenin use propaganda and the arts to stengtehn the Bolshevik regime?


For the Bolsheviks, a Marxist culture had to be honoured in the communist state. All of the art's were to reflect the achievements of Bolshevik Russia and therefore, communism.

Ministry of Culture:

The Bolsheviks established the Ministry of Culture as a way of increasing government support for the arts.

Revolution propaganda:

In 1920 the May Day parades began. They glorified the Sovier worker and the soviet state. They were anual. The anniversary of the revolution was celebrated every year and in 1920 was re-enacted.


A famous Constructivist poet Mayakovsky wrote slogans for poltical campaigns and posters as well as pro-Bolshevik poetry.

Theatre and Cinema:

Two major works of theatre were produced during the post-revolutionary perod. One was the Mystery Bouffe in 1918 written by Mayakovsky and the other was the revolution re-enactment.

Lenin sprerad


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