Section 3: Food Safety - Chapter 6: Principles of food safety - 1: Buying and storing food

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  • Buying food:
    • Where food is bought:
      • Markets, supermarkets, independent shops, farm shops, home delivery
    • What to look for when buying food:
      • Cleanliness of shop/market
      • Food safety and hygiene of food handlers
      • Use-by date (high-risk foods)/best before date
      • Undamaged food packaging
    • Fresh fish: bright eyes, firm flesh and scales, moist skin, red gills, fresh smell
    • Fresh meat: not too much fat, firm moist flesh, good colour, fresh smell
    • Fresh vegetables: good colour, not wilted or damaged, no mould, firm and crisp, smooth skin, not too much soil
    • Fresh fruit: good colour, not soft or damaged, no mould or yeast, firm and crisp, smooth skin
  • Food storage:
    • Types of food storage:
      • Dry foods: store at room temperature in a well ventilated cupboard; protect from…


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