Section 1: Food, Nutrition and Health - Chapter 2: Nutritional needs and health - 3: How to carry out nutritional analysis

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  • How to carry out nutritional analysis:
    • Nutrient profile:
      • Most foods contain more than one nutrient
      • Some foods contain many nutrients, e.g. milk
      • Some foods contain very few nutrients, e.g. sugar
      • Nutrient profiles for different foods are available in books and on nutritional analysis software computer programs
      • Nutritional analysis means finding out how much of each nutrient is in a portion of food (e.g. 100g), or a whole recipe, or a whole food product you make or buy
  • Modifying recipes to suit dietary guidelines:
    • How to modify a recipe, meal, diet to meet dietary guidelines:
      • Base your meals on starchy foods: use wholegrain (wholemeal) cereal foods; choose a variety of starchy foods; add seeds to soups, stews, breads, desserts, porridge; toast starchy foods to add texture and flavour; add toasted seeds, rice flour, semolina to baked foods to add texture; roast starchy foods to strengthen flavour, serve bread with meal; serve food in wraps such as tortilla, pittas; dry fry seeds and sprinkle onto foods
      • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: choose very fresh fruit and vegetables; choose local produced and in season; add vegetables to main meals to increase the flavour, colour, texture; frozen fruit and…


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