Search For My tongue TSLAP

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Search For My Tongue

T: Identity, Language, Heritage, Isolation, Nature (metaphors)


  • English-Gujarati-English (the Gujarati shows her heritage through her dreaming but also to make the reader feel like she did in English - not understanding the language.) 
  • Also shows her isolation as it is surrounded by English
  • Certain Line placements "the foreign tongue" shows her isolation and loneliness in a foreign country


  • Extended Metaphor for her tongues as plants ("rot and die" - however, the death of them coupled with them being described as plants perhaps show they do not truly die - as plants will grow back)
  • Heavy repetition (could be seen as both of her tongues speaking at once "rot", "spit it out", "grows", "bud opens")
  •  Phonetics used for the Gujarati as well to show how even hearing it will not help the understanding of it.
  • Tongues to show both language and…


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