Scrutiny of Legislation


Scrutiny of Legislation
House of Commons v House of Lords


P1 . Oppotunity to Scrutinise

  • Prime Ministers Question Time
    • backbenchers and leaders of the opposition 
    • some argue that it only theatre and not real politics
    • however, gives frontbenchers the oppotunity to make a name for themselves
      • 2007 - Vince Cable: "Stalin to Mr Bean"
  • Commons Liason Committee
    • comprimises of the chairs of departmental select committees
    • although they do not have the power to subpoena witnesses, Tony Blair did agree to stand infront of them twice a year

P2 . Official Direction

  • Parliament Act 1911
    • result of the lords trying to block the 1909 budget
    • replaces their power to veto legislation with a power to delay bills it for up to 2 years
    • prevents them from delaying money bills
  • Parliament Act 1949
    • gives commons ultimate power over the lords
      • Hunting Act 2004
      • War Crimes Act 1991
      • European Parliamentary Election Act 1999
      • Sexual Ammendments Act 2000 (ammendments)
    • reduced delaying…


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