Scientific Method and Designing Research

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Psychology as a science; The rules of science:

-Must be objective

-Must show cause and effect

-Able to replicate studies

-Scientific matter must be observable

-Must be concerned with theory construction and falsifiability

-Has to be nomethetic

-Collects quantitative data under controlled conditions

-Have a specific pardigm

-Variables must be operationalised

If a study does not meet all these criteria then it cannot be considered as truely scientific. In questions they will often ask 'to what extent is the research scientific?' so you would go through the list and talk about how each component has been met, or hasn't been met. Other questions may ask 'why can this research not be accepted as scientifc evidence?' so you would have to explain which criteria have not been met which means it isn't scietific.

Designing Research; The method:

Design- Choice of method i.e field, lab, observation

              Choice of experimental design i.e repeated measures, matched pairs

              Choice of observational technique i.e time sampling or event sampling

              Identify IV…


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