Science Vs Religion

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Christians thoughts on the creation of the world tend to lean towards the bible as there answer, it is said that god created the earth by his own will. Some christians take it literally wheras others see at as a kind of guideline! The big bang theory is widely accepted with christians, they believe that it is the mechanism which god used to create th world... though scientists say it literally means the world came from absolutely nothing!

Christians and evolution is another matter entirely, Charles Darwin came up with the idea that humans slowly evolved from apes into the forms we now are. This challenged the authority of the bible, which outraged many christians.A man named Charles Gosse argued that god had put down fossils to fool people, but over the years the majority of christians have accepted the theory of evolution and still have kept there faith in the bible.

Hindus believe that the creation of the world was the work of Brahma - one of the three gods who make up the 'ULTIMATE REALITY'. There are many different scriptures describing the creation of


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