Science.. Cells.

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Plant cells and animal cells have similarities and differences.

  • nucleous- Controls the cell
  • Cytoplasm- contains enzymes that control chemical reactions.
  • Cell membrane- Controls what goes in and out of the cell.
  • Mitochondria- Where most actions for respiration happen.
  • Ribosomes- Where proteins for growth are made for the cell
  • Cell wall- Made of cellcuose- supports and strengthens cell
  • Constant vacuole- made of liquid called cell sap, soultion of weak salt and sugar.
  • Chloroplast- For photosynthesis happens. Contains Chrlophyll.


Cheek cell.


Onion cell.

Animal and plant cells both contain; Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, and Nucleous.

Plant cells also include this parts not found in animal cells; Cell wall, Vacuole and Chloroplasts.


Red Blood Cell- Carrys oxygen. Has Haemogoblin…


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