Science and Religion

Essay Plan: Explain the religious responses to challenges posed by scientific views.

Paragraph 1: Creationism

- Young Earth Creationists -

- the Bible is inerrant (without error0

- God created the Earth in 6 x 24 hour days

- literal interpretation of Genesis

- the heavens, Earth and all life on Earth was created by God 5,700-10,000 years ago

- any scientific theory which contradicts their interpretation of Genesis must be wrong

- Henry Morris, a leading Young Earth creationist, argued that Christians must 'either... believe God's word all the way, or not at all' - essentially meaning that you either accept what the Bible says about how the world was created, or you don't accept it at all. There is no medium in-between where science and religion can have a relationship, as both explanations range on opposite ends of the spectrum

- Young Earth Creationism opposes evolution

- some Young Earth creationists even criticise intelligent design, a proposal generally viewed as an alternative form of creationism, for not taking a stand on the age of the Earth, special creation, or even the identity of the designer - they see this view as too compromising

Paragraph 2: Harmonisers/people who accept the scientific view as well as the religious beliefs

- Old Earth Creationists would accept science's view that the world


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