Science and Religion

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Science and Religion:

The Big Bang theory:

The big bang theory is an explanation for the origin of the universe and the development of the laws of physics and chemistry. It is believed to have taken place some 10 to 15 billion years ago. It is a theory that supports the idea of an ever-changing universe because the universe is still evolving. It is thought to be expanding from the point at which it began.

According to the theory after approximately half a million years (after the big bang), temperatures had cooled sufficiently to allow the gases, hydrogen and helium to form. After another billion years the stars and galaxies began to appear. Many of these stars died before our own sun and its planets were formed in the Milky Way galaxy. Some scientists believe that it was the death of the early stars that provided the materials needed for life to develop on earth.

The Creation Account – Genesis 1 and 2:1-3

The Genesis account of creation explains that in the beginning there was darkness and God. Then, at God’s command, the process of creation out of nothing began. It started with the creation of light, followed by the separation of heaven and earth, and then land and sea. Life began in the sea and gradually developed until humans were formed by God. According to the Genesis account, the process of creation took six days. On day…


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