Science revision (B1, C1, P1)

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Food packaging 

Chemistry revision

Food goes off if it is not stored properly for a long time.

  • When food goes 'off' it is usually down to it being exposed to bacteria or mould.
  • When food is exposed to bacteria and mould it begins to break down.
  • When food starts to break down due to mould or bacteria it creates a bad smell and the food will taste horrible. With some foods it can make you have food poisoning.
  • There's a lot fo demand nowadays for food that keeps longer. It's easier and cheaper to transport to shops. Also, our shopping habits have changed, most people now do one big shop a week rather lots of individual shopping trips. This is because it is more convienient however it does mean food is kept on shelves for longer.
  • Additives can help food last longer…


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