Healthy Lifestyle 

To lead a healthy lifestle, you need to eat a balenced diet. On average, women should have 2,000 calories per day. Men should have 2,500. 

According to the eatwell guide, you need to eat:

Fruits and vegetables - Srawberries, tomatoes, apples, bannana, carrots.

Startchy food - Potatoes, breead, rice, pasta

Dairy- Milk, soya, cheese

Protein -Beans, peas, lentils, meat, fish

Unsaturated fats - Vegatable, rapeseed, sunflower and olive oils

Fat, salt and sugar - Chocolate, crisps, chips, cake, sweets

Water - 6 to 8 glasses a day is the reccomendation for an average person


There are seven different nutrients:

  • carbohydrates 

  • proteins 
  • fats 
  • minerals
  • vitemins 
  • fibre
  • water 

Also, to have a healthy lifestle, there are things you should not do, like smoking. Smoking is horrifically dangerous. 

Listed below are the things found in cigarettes and what they do to your body.


Tar causes cancer of


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