Schubert - "Der Doppelgänger" 2013

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  • Lied (German Language art song)
  • Composed in 1828
  • Text from Heine

Rhythm and Metre:

  • Slow triple (3/4) time
  • Steady dotted minim chords in piano throughout
  • Dotted rhythms in vocal parts

Melody and Word-Setting:

  • Word-setting is mainly syllabic
  • Melisma occurs at B54-B55
  • Overal vocal range of a 13th (B-G)
  • Melody line initially revolves around F#
  • Initially features a descending tonic triad
  • Turn used at B21
  • Climax One: B31 ("Overwhelmed by pain")
  • Climax Two: B41 ("My…


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