Schizophrenia – Symptoms and diagnosis

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Schizophrenia – Symptoms and diagnosis

A  psychosis: NOT a split personality

What is schizophrenia?

       First suggested by Bleuler 1911 to describe a class of disorder with similar symptoms:

      Disorganised thought processes

      Split between intellect and emotion

      Split between intellect and emotional reality

Main Symptoms

       Auditory hallucinations: ‘hearing’ noises, usually voices talking to each other or the sufferer

       Delusions: false beliefs e.g delusions of grandeur – thinking you’re God, or delusions of persecution – thinking they’re after you.

       Disordered thinking: a feeling that thoughts have been inserted into, or withdrawn from the mind.

       Control: lack of self control as though being under the control of an alien power.

       Apathy: little initiative, no energy. (sometimes called ‘avolition’)

       Emotional blunting: ‘flat’ emotions

DSM Classification & subtypes

       4 types

      Disorganised: thought disturbances, don’t show emotion, loss of interest in life, disorganised behaviour, not goal orientated.

      Catatonic: motor symptoms eg unusual gestures, maybe repeatedly in a


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