Schizophrenia - Biological Treatments

Biological Therapies for Schizophrenia

Antipsychotic Drugs

Two types of drugs, first generation (typical) and second generation (atypical)

First generation (typical): Arrest dopamine production by inhibiting receptors. Reduce positive symptoms. Eg. Chlorpromazine

Second generation (atypical): Reduce serotonin as well as dopamine. Reduce both the positive and negative symptoms.


Liberman et al (2005) found that 74% of patients on 1st and 2nd generation antipsychotics stopped taking their medication within 18 months due to side effects.

Davis et al (1989) found that 70% of those treated with antipsychotics improved within 6 weeks compared to 25% of those treated with placebos. Suggests that they are effective, but also that placebos are effective on some patients…


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