Schizophrenia, Biological Approach - AQA Psychology B

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Biological Approach



Aims    - To investigate the role of genetics in schizophrenia

Method - Heston compared 47 adopted children whose biological mothers had schizophrenia against a control group of no schizophrenia history

Results - none of the controls were diagnosed with schizophrenia, however 16% of the adopted children who had come from schizophrenic mothers were diagnosed

Conclusion - Inheritance does play a part in the disorder

Evaluation - Findings were well above the 1% chance level, therefore inheritance can put people at risk of getting schizophrenia. However the percentage was still only 16% so there must be other factors such




May add a bit about Twin studies later, I did have lots of indents and underlines in this to make it look better but they didn't work out :(

Eleanor Surtees


Thanks. This will be helpfull :)

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