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A background to Saul/Paul

*REMEMBER!!: Saul and Paul are both the same people, Saul was converted (See Saul's conversion) which supposedly lead him to gain the Christian name Paul. There is no account in Acts of Saul's name being changed to Paul, only this verse; Acts 13v9 - "Then Saul, who was also called Paul..."

♥ It has been said that apart from the Lord Jesus Christ, no other has had such an influence upon the course of human thinking and of human history than Saul of Tarsus.

He was born in 2AD in Tarsus, a city only a few miles from the coast of Asia

♥ According to Youngman 1996 the city had been established as a Greek Capital in the 2nd century B.C and captured by the Romans in 64B.C

♥ Saul's father managed to obtain citizenship. he may have brought it or earned it by some special service to Rome.

♥ This man was used by God to establish churches all over the Roman Empire and his divinely inspired writings have shaped the theological thinking and the moral values of multitudes of people ever since

♥ Tarsus was renowned for its learning and a great centre of education

♥ Saul's family were apparently wealthy, they lived in the Jewish quarter of Tarsus, Saul was a strict Pharisee and a Roman Citizen

Paul studied scriptures as a Jewish boy regardless of how wealthy his family were, he still had to learn a trade. He chose to be a tent maker. Paul wished to be a priest, since Tarsus was the centre of education and seen established as a Greek capital, Paul had to complete his education in Jerusalem

♥ Youngman 1966, "Saul left the synagogue school at 17 and travelled with excitement to Jerusalem

It has been suggested that Saul was a…


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