San Antonio River Dam: Brazil

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The San Antonio Dam: Brazil


The San Antonio Dam is part of the Madeira River Project and it is situated on the Amazon region. The Madeira River Project is a large scale project and it is designed to produce 3150 MW of electricity. It’s constructed with the help of Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese banks and Brazilian Construction Company.


Most large scale projects, such as The San Antonio Dam, have both advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons can be divided into three sections: economic, social and environmental.


The main social advantages for this project are: 20,000 jobs are created making 100,000 people being attracted to the region. This is an advantage because the employers will have the opportunity to earn and have a better quality of lifestyle. Another advantage is that health, education, leisure, safety and sanitation infrastructure is improved. This allows the local residents to enjoy themselves and keep active. Moreover, access to hospitals increases their chance of being able to recover from illnesses or injuries. The opportunity to be educated leads them to have a


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