San Junipero Plot

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  • Reveals to the audience that we are in 1987 - which is the year that the majority of the music that was used in this episode came from.
  • Heaven is a place on earth is both the first and last song to be played in this episode.


  • Yorkie is walking down the street in 1987 and looks quite uncomfortable.
  • Yorkie sees a girl wearing an outfit that is inspired by Janet Jackson who she later finds out is called Kelly walk into Tucker's bar.
  • C'est La Vie is being played not only to set the scene but to encourage the visitors not to worry about their limited and boring lives.
  • Yorkie walks over to the arcade games and is invited by Davis to play a game called 'Top Speed' which is foreshadowing for the car crash that the audience finds out that Yorkie was in later in the episode.
  • Yorkie and Kelly begin dancing which is where things start to get interesting and the fact that she is a homosexual that was met with homophobia when she came out and she is surrounded by beautiful women scares her and she runs out into the rain.
  • After Yorkie's chat with Kelly in the rain, she decides to give the whole thing another try but this time, dressing to impress.
  • The song 'Living In A Box' is playing which implies that everyone there is infact living inside a box based that is thir afterlife.
  • Kelly thenbrings Yorkie back to her place and they start to have sex.
  • Afterwards, Kelyl and Yorkie are talking about their regrets and it is revealed that Kelly spent all of her time dedicated to one person and never acted unfaithfully ever. Getting to grips without the limitations must be very difficult considering the guilt that she must feel about her dead husband.


  • One week later, Yorkie can't find Kelly and looks for her in The Quagmire which is full on pleasure island.
  • During this segment, 'Something Against You' by The Pixies is heard playing.
  • Yorkie then finds Wes, resentful of Kelly and how he can no longer have sex with her.
  • Still continuing Yorkie's search, the first time change occurs to 1980.
  • Then we quickly change to 1996 a week later into the plot.
  • Another week later and we jump to 2002
  • The song 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' by Kylie Minogue starts to play which toys with the fact


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