Salisbury, Balfour and Liberal problem

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Liberal Problems-

  • Divisions between the Whigs and Radicals had persisted.
  • Gladstone's methods caused problems. He was Chancellor of teh Exchequer as well as Prime Minister as he was overwhelmed with a mass of financial details which prevented him from giving sufficient attention to other matters.
  • He often acted on impulse, angering the Cabinet.
  • Joseph Chamberlain- launched his unauthorised programme for social reform. He pressed for free primary education, Church establishment, local governmet reform, land purchases and limited devolution for Ireland.
  • It helped the Liberals with the 1885 Home Rule Bill as it prevented its passing through Parliament. He and a group of liverals became the Liberal Unionists.
  • Gladstone's Home Rule Bill was defeated in the Commons by 343 to 319 votes.
  • Conservatives under Salisbury won the election with 317 seats to Liberals 191. The Nationalists won 85 and the Unionists won 77.
  • Salisbuty- 1886- a period of dominance for the Conservatives as they were in power for 17 of the next 20 years.
  • 1886 election- Salisbury's government won the 1886 election on the issue of the opposition to Irish Home Rule and had the sympathy and support of the Liberal Unionists in Parliament.
  • Acts- 1888 Local Government Act- abolished the old boards and created 62 elected councils, as they were not given control over the Poor Law.
  • Chamberlain, Ritchie and Goschen o the Local Government Board were behind this act.
  • Over 60 towns of over 50,000 people were made into county boroughs, elected councils with the same power as county councils.
  • Unmarried women were given the vote for borough councils, though they could not be council members.
  • London was subdivided into 28 Metropolitan boroughs and the London County Council was created
  • Education- 1892 Free Elementary Education- established for the first time, with fees for children attending boards schools abolished.
  • 1888- Allotment Act= land available for rural labourers and relieved tenants of paying tithes to landowners.
  • 1890 Housing of the Working Classes Act- granted councils the power to close insanitary dwellings and place them with council built houses.
  • 1890 Factory Act children undre 11 working and…


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