sacrifice in ancient rome

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A roman would sacrifice something to a God in order for that God to look kindly upon them for example a roman would make a sacrifice to neptune before going on a sea voyage.

Sacrifice didn't always involve killing an animal, someone could simply give a gift to a god. Sacrifices were usually symbolic of life such as milk, cheese or fruit. But the most common type of sacrifice was thet of an animal.

  • A roman who was making the sacrifice would check with a priest at what time he could sacrifice at.
  • On the day of the sacrifice he would go to the market and buy an animal, it would have to be perfect as any impurities could be seen as a bad omen.
  • A heifer which is a young female cow was usually sacrificed to Jupiter.
  • The sacrificer would wear his best toga.
  • He would make the animal look nice by…


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