Russo-Japanese War


Russo-Japanese War

Building Tensions

  • Between 1858 and 1860 Russia acquired 400,000m squared of Chinese territory and developed the port of Vladivostok.
  • Russia occupied island of Sakhalin which brought Japanese conflict in 1867 Russia and Japan would have equal rights over Sakhalin (in 1875 Japan gave up these rights in exchange for Kuril Islands)
  • 1890s Nicholas visited Japan- assassination attempt made.
  • During Sino-Japanese War, Japan took over China including Port Arthur
  • In 1898 Japan gave up Port Arthur and Russia gained rights to build railroad to the Port
  • 1901 Russian troops were occupying Manchuria.

Russian reasons to go to war:

  • European powers feared Japan taking over China would threaten peace in Far East.
  • Nicholas felt he had to 'prove himself' to Russia after living in fathers shadow as a 'weakling'
  • Believed it would distract from deteriorating conditions at home (should have been ''short swift victorious'' according to Plehve)
  • Russia needed all-year ports as their froze over in winter.
  • Claimed wanted to save Korea from 'yellow peril'.
  • Did not believe an Asian power could…




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