Russia In a Revolution: Section One

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Tsar Alexander III (ruled until 1894)

Unlike his predecessor, Alexander II who was a moderate reformist and emancipated the serfs as well as creating the Zemstava, Alexander III began a campaign of repression. He kept power through:

  • Making reform ministers, like Melikov, resign
  • Using his secret police, the Okhrana to spread fear 
  • Promoting autocracy and the divine power of the Tsar through his manifestos
  • Establishing the Statue of State Security, government run courts where trials could happen with juries
  • Raising university fees so only the rich could attend
  • Establishing Land Captains to spread his power and in 1890 made them part of the zemstava. They were only elected by the land classes

He did however introduce some peasant concessions. These included the establishment of the Peasant Land Bank and the reducing of pesant…


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