russia before 1881

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the rulers and the tsar liberator.

before 1885 the romanov family had been regarded as reactionary autocrats who were unwilling to consider political or social change, however when alexander the 2nd something began to change. he instituted important political and social reforms such as serf emancipation. however after his assasination alexander the 3rd reverted to the pre 1885 by intergrating a mass regime of repression. nicholas 2nd was forced to make political change in 1905 because of the revolution however he still carried on with his farthers autocratic style.

alexander 2nd reputation as the tsar liberator.

main social problem was serfdom as more then 80% of the population was either state peasents or serfs who existed for the autocratic rulers, practically slaves. alexander realised that serfdom was the biggest obstacle for the modernisation of russia. serfdom survived on substinence farming…


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