Russia - Dumas and fundamental laws



  • There were 4 Dumas between 1906 and 1917
  • First duma
    • The first Duma (the duma of national hope) ran for 10 weeks - 27th April 1906 to 8th July 1906
    • The First and the Second Dumas were more democratic and represented a greater number of national types than their successors
    • The extreme right wing Union of Russian people, the bolsheviks and the social revolutionaries did not attend
    • Aims: abolision of state council, more power to the Dumas, Siezure of land from the gentry and giving to the people, End universal and direct male sufferage and abandonment of emergancy laws
    • Achievements: Sergi Witte resigned from office after being blamed by the Tsar for the start of the dumas and the prime minister Goremykin was replaced by Stolypin
    • Dissolved by the Tsar over fears that they were becoming to liberal and were a threat to his reign
  • Second duma
    • Known as the duma of national anger and lasted for 20 weeks (20th February 1907 - 3rd June 1907)
    • All political groups took place causing the duma to become overall more left wing
    • Aims: wanted to block Stolypins


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