Rudolph Otto and religious experience

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Rudolph Otto and the Idea of the Holy

Otto was an objectivist and along with analysinng God's qualities he looked into why an experience can be referred to as religious. He believed that the holy is an apriori quality of the human spirit which is shaped by our cultural heritage and an understanding of the religion around us. To Otto we are all capable physically of having a religious experience.

Mysterium tremendum et fascinas (awe and mystery)

1) mysterium= God is mysterious, he can be seen and met but not recorded.God is incomprehensible, attempting to do so in just a cluster of words.

2)tremendum= God is the ultimate focus if a religious experience

3)fascinas=God can be awe-inspiring and dangerous.The individual should feel privileged to have enountered God.

Otto's beliefs

1) natural forces= it is vital for humans to experience God as


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