RS Revision notes on random topics [Christianity]

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Design and belief : 

- Complex mechanisms have design. The world is a complex mechanism. A Design needs a designer. In this case the designer must be God for the complex mechanism of the universe.

- Watch Argument, if you see a complex mechanism, e.g. a watch, then the watch must need a complex argument. This is the same for the universe, apart from a universe is so much more complicated. Therefore the universe, needs a universe maker, this is God.

Universe works according to laws. i.e. the law of gravity, must have been designed ....

- DNA is another piece of evidence in design. made of two strands that form a ladder like structure (double helix). It reproduces by unzipping and suing each strand as a template to form a new double helix. These new cells are passed on to daughter cells during cell division.

- Evolution - some scientists see evidence design in the process of evolution where complex life forms develop form simple ones.

Causation - Only possible cause of the universe must be God, because there must…


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