RS- Crime and punishment

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Crime: an offence punishable by the law

Duty: a moral or legal obligation

Responsablity: a duty to care for or having control over something or someone

Conscience: the inner feeling you are doing right or wrong

Crime against the person: wrong doing that directly harms a person e.g. murder, assault

Crime against property: damaging items that belong to somebody else e.g. vandalism 

Crime against the state: an offence aimed at damaging government or a country e.g. treason

Religous offence: offence against religion e.g. blasphemy 

Punishment: something done to a person because they have broken the law

Protection: keeping the public from being harmed, threatened or injured by a criminal

Retribution: an aim of punishment- to get your own back- "an eye for an eye" 

Detternece: an aim of punishment- to put others off crime

Reform- An aim of punishment- to change someones behaviour for the better

Vinidication: an aim…


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