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Fackenheim was a Holocaust survivor; he was imprisoned in a concentration camp. But it was only after Six Day War, that he stared thinking about the theology of the Holocaust. The Six Day War inspired Fackenheim because it showed Israel fighting as a state, and Jewish people in Israel resisting their enemy. It showed him that Israel have strength.

Fackenheim wanted to take something positive out of the shockingness of the Holocaust. Fackenheim thought the Holocaust was God's way of telling everyone that survival was a Jewish duty. He produces a 614th commandment; Jews are 'forbidden to hand Hitler postumus victory.' Fackenheim thought there should still be hope and survivor despite of the Holocaust. The commandment is to never abandon belief in God or hope in improvement.

The commandment is divided into four commands, the first is to survive as Jews incase the Jewish people die, and the second is to remember the victims of the Holocaust in case their memoires end. Thirdly, it is forbidden to refuse or lose hope in God, and finally the fourth command is, it is forbidden to give up hope in the world.

His message also relates to those…


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