Royal Supremacy

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Role of Thomas Cromwell and the Reformation Parliament

- Thomas Cromwell Chancellor 1533-1540 - Vicar-General, he established the dissolution of the monasteries 

- Cromwell introduced a petition against churches, courts and clerical jurisdiction into the Commons. - Supplication against the Ordinances

- Convinced commons that the Supplication against the Ordinances was for them and had nothing to do with the King or the government

- Endorsed Henry's proposed attack on the legislative Independence of the Church in England

- Reformation Parliament - name given to the seven sessions of parliament that met on and off 1529-36. The legislation began as an attack on the clergy and a warning to Rome, but it increasingly served to server links with the Papacy and assert Henry's control over the Church in England

Collectanea Satis Copicsa 

- A collection of historical document compiled by Cranmer designed to prove that a King of England had no superiors on Earth

Pardon of the Clergy

- Henry accused the entire clergy of praemunire and fined them £100,000

Submission of the Clergy

- The submission of the


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