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Reaching a Verdict – How Psychology Can Inform Behaviour in the Courtroom

Witness Appeal


2.3 Effect of Shields & Videotape on Children Giving Evidence


·         In many cases, a child is the only witness and giving evidence in court can be very traumatic for them.

·         Children are therefore able to give evidence behind a screen or outside the courtroom.

·         Having a child giving evidence behind a screen may suggest an increased likelihood of guilt to a jury by implication that the child needs to be protected against the defendant.


Key Study: Ross et al, The Impact of Protective Shields & Videotape Testimony on Conviction Rates




·         To find out if the use of protective shields and videotaped testimony increases likelihood of a guilty verdict.

·         To investigate effect of protective devices on jury reaction to testimony – do they experience:

o        Credibility inflation – where a child’s testimony is enhanced because


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