Rosenhan Findings and Conclusions

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Study 1

One pseudo patient was diagnosed with bi polar and the rest were diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

The length of the stay ranged from 7 to 52 days, with an average of 19 days. Despite their show of sanity in public, they were not detected as being 'pseudo' by the hospital staff. There were no indications in the hospital records that the pseudo patients were suspect, rather the evidence was strong that once labelled schizophrenic, the patient was stuck with that label.

There was very limited contact between the staff and patients. The average time staff were out of their offices was 11.3%. Nurses were seen 11.5 times per shift on the ward. Psychiatrists were seen 6.7 times per shift on the ward, having around 6-8 minutes contact time with patients.

While the pseudo patients were at the hospital, the 'real' patients regularly voiced their suspicions such as: 

  • "You're not crazy."
  • "You're a journalist."
  • "You're a professor checking up on the hospital."

During the research, the pseudo patients were given a total of 2100 tablets.

Study 2

During this period, 193 patients…


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