Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet - William shakespere

written around 1594


The Play opens with a summary of all that will happen. This use of dramatic irony means that the audience will know more than the characters throughout and therefore feel greater tension. The audience also understand that Romeo and Juliets fates cannot be changed.

"Acient grudge"

"Star crossed lovers" 


The montagues and Capulets are fighting in the street which not only cause rife between the two houses but it also affects those around them. The montagues and the Capulets are ancient enemies and often fight , because both groups have twisted honour and loyalty towards their houses. Meanwhilst , Romeo is found Lovesick and depressed by his cousin Benvolio. Romeo loves a girl called Rosaline who does not share his love for her and the relationship is one sided - Romeo is heartbroken. Benvolio encourages Romeo to go to the Capulet party to help him forget Rosaline and to have a good time with his friends. Whilst at the Party Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love with her. Unfortunately Tybalt saw Romeo at the party and vows to take revenge on him. Lord capulet gets anrgy with tybalt , as he has important guests at his house and does not want his nephew to embarrass him or cause a scandal.

" do bite my thumb" - Tybalt

"peace? I hate the word , as I hate hell, all Montagues and thee coward!" - Tybalt

"bred of an airy word" 

"fiery Tybalt"

"and she agreed" Stage directions/ narrator

"no more deep will I endart mine eye than your consent gives it strength to fly" -Juliet

"my mind misgives some concequences yet hanging in the stars" - Romeo


After the party Romeo sneaks off , away from his group of friends and back to Juliets house where  Juliet stands on her balcony talking about Romeo. Juliet is more cautious than Romeo as she feels their relationship is going too fast , however , they eventually do exchange promises of love and vow to get married. The next day Romeo attemps to persuade Friar Lawrence to secretly marry him and Juliet. Friar lawrence agrees because he wants to repair the feud between the families and bring peace to verona.

"Thy gracious self, which is the god


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