Romans ~ Period Breakdown

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Romans - Brutal, cheap, public deterrents 


  • Twelve Tables- Earliest organised system of Roman laws. Learned by children off by heart at school
  • Emperor Justinian- Organised and catagorised all laws into one voulume: Justinian's Digest
  • Every aspect of life covered- From attacking the emperor, arson and murder to keeping the street outside your house clean selling the right weight bread, and dumping waste into the river Tiber


  • Arson- burning
  • Speaking out against the emperor- Pouring molten lead down throat
  • Patricide- tied in a bag of snakes and thrown in the river Tiber
  • Other punishments- Confiscation, reparations,death, whipping, Decimation,crucifixion, etc
  • Nobles- could escape death penalty with exile
  • Slaves- If one slave


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