Roman Punishment and Crime: Revision


Roman Punishment and Crime: Revision

The Twelve Tables: 450–449 BCE

The Twelve Tables contain Debtors Laws, Inheritance Laws, Marriage Laws, Rights of a Father, Property Laws, Will and Testament and Laws relating to Women. It was one and a half times of the Bible! The laws were distilled but they were still unfair!

The Digest of Roman Laws

It was promulgated in April of 529BC. It was compiled by order of the emperor Justinian I in the 6th century (A.D 530-533). It spans 50 volumes, and represented a reduction and codification of all Roman laws up to that time.

The Roman Empire

Rome needed a strong empire. To do this, they needed strict rules. The main reasons why punishment was used because it needed to deter people from committing crime and protect its people.


The most common punishments were:



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