Roles in Conflict - Richard Duke of York - Wars of the Roses

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Richard, Duke of York 

A very powerful noble, he owned extensive lands all over the country. He hadconnections to the powerful Neville family by marriage to Cecily Neville, and most importantly, had a valid claim to the throne. It was said to be a stronger claim than the king himself! 

Anyway, York was pretty annoyed when Henry VII did not renew his command in France in 1447 (which he'd done a good job at!) and instead granted it to one of his favourites, the Duke of Somerset. Meanwhile, York was granted 'lieutenant of Ireland' which he took as a great offense- it was almost as if the king was trying to exile him! 

In addition to this, York faced financial difficulties as a result…


Danny Porter


great summary however "Henry VII" needs to be changed to "Henry VI"

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