Role and Function of the Tendons

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4.3 The ways in which an active, healthy lifestyle can affect muscles.


- Muscles are attached to bone using Tendons. These are strong and flexible.

- Apply the power needed to move bones.

Tendons can be damaged. This can be due to over-training and can sometimes be a cause of a sports related disease or injury.

An active, healthy lifestyle can limit tendon damage. 

Exercise strengthens tendons and make them more flexible and less prone to injury.


This is the inflammation of a tendon. Symptoms include:

> Tenderness

> Pain

> Swelling

> Skin may be torn

> Reduced movement of muscle.

In some cases, the inflammation only last a couple of days however it can also last a couple of months if not treated.

To avoid these problems:

- Avoid repetitive movement.

- Do exercises to strengthen the muscles around the affected tendon (physiotherapist)

- Treatment

- Rest the affected area.

It is important to allow the inflammation to settle. A bandage enable…


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