Role of the Police

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What do the police do?

  • Radical Commentaries- Often negative and tend to focus on use of repressive tactics
  • Conservative Commentaries- Often positive and idealise the consensual basis for British policing
  • Liberal Commentaries- Note diverse and competing demands in place on the police

Keeping the Peace?

  • Calls for help- 30% of the time
  • Other 70% spent reasurring public, giving advice and assistance, dispute managment, social problems, etc
  • Public held image of what the police do is incorrect
  • Banton (1964) "Peace Officers"
  • Punch- Social service work "round the clock social services" or the "secret social service"

Preventing crime? Robert Peels police

  • Patrol work was originally seen as the backbone of police work- However only a small amount of time spent patrolling
  • Costly and time consumming
  • Doesn't form positive relationship with the community
  • Objectives are unclear
  • Doesn't have much impact on crime

Detecting Crime?


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