Rocks and Minerals In Britians

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Deep inside the Earth was very hot, but the temperature on the surface was much lower.

This large temperature difference caused the surface to crack into several parts which we call tetonic plates.

The edges of the tetonic plates are moving over the mantle.

The edges of the plates are reffered too as their margin.

The plates are slowly moving in different directions. This means that rocks and minerals made in one place are transported to other places over time.

Mountain ranges are formed when one plate moves towards another lifting the edge of the other plate, compressing it and causing it to wrinkle.

An example is the Indian plate crashing into the Eurasion plate, forming the mountain range called the Himalayas.

The collision is still going on today. Those mountains will be getting a few centimeteres taller each year if erosion wasnt wearing them down at the same time.

Movements of the tetonic plates mean…


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