Rising sea level, coastal flooding and erosion

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Rising sea level is increasing the risk of coastal flooding. Coasts are also under threat from erosion.

Sea level rising because of global warming.

Global sea level is rising at a rate of 2mm per year. That might not sounds like a lot, but sea level has increased by about 20cm over the past century. It's predicted to rise between 18 and 59cm by 2100. The cause of rising sea level is global warming- the rapid rise in global temperature over the last 100 years. Global warming has two effects that cause sea level to rise:

1) Melting ice- The melting of ice on land ( e.g the atlantic ice sheet) causes water that's stored as ice to return to the oceans. This increases the volume of water in the oceans and causes sea levels to rise.

2) Heating oceans- Increased global temperature causes the oceans to get warmer and expand (thermal expansion). This increases the volume of water, causing sea level to rise.

Coastal areas are at risk from flooding and erosion.

Rising sea level will mean coastal flooding will happen more often and will cause more damage, especially in low - lying parts of…


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