Rise of Piedmont

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Political factors:

  • the only thing good that came out of the 1848 revolutions was the Statuto
  • some of the terms included:
    - individual freedom
    - free press
  • this ideal of liberty attracted 30,000 political exiles to Piedmont making it a Nationalist state
  • Cavour created something called the 'Connubio' which was also known as a political alliance
  • this political marriage was between Rattazi (centre-left party) and d'Azeglio (centre-right)
  • Cavour at this point was finance minister
  • the political marriage managed to strengthen parliament against the monarchy
  • Cavour then became Prime Minister in 1852 when d'Azeglio suggested it
  • the previous Prime Minister had to resign because he got into an argument between Victor Emmanuel II and the Pope over wanting to pass a civil marriage bill
  • in 1850, Giuseppe Siccardi created the Siccardi Laws;
    - no member of the clergy could buy property
    - they banned the church from having separate law courts
    - they also banned the right for criminals to seek refuge and protection in the church
  • this theme of anti-clericalism attracted more liberals

Economic factors:

  • between the years of 1833-5, Cavour…


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