Rise of Nazis: Origins + Ideology

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Did not 'overthrow' Weimar - as he learned in the Munich putsch a forceful revolution would be impossible - instead he was appointed in January 1933 as chancellor. To understand why, we must look at the origins of the party:


DAP (German Worker's Party) founded by Anton Drexler

Hitler aligned himself with the DAP after he was sent to report on their activities

He made an impact with his powerful oratory and condemnation of ToV + Communists + Anti semitism 

party was now renamed the NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker's Party) - he and Drexler drew up party programme and the 25 points and in 1921, Hitler became leader 


25 points key elements of the Nazi Party message - Hitler developed the ideology in his books Mein Kampf (1925) and Zweites Buch (1928)

Main ideas: 

  • German Nationalism - Germany should be strong and all German speakers should be united - Anschluss 
  • To develop German power, colonial expansion into Eastern Europe was needed - Lebensraum 
  • The ToV must be repudiated 
  • Racial Ideas -   false notions about race - Hitler believed that races were in a heirarchy with Aryans at the top (German Nordic) In his mind,  racial purity = strength 
  • Anti Semitism - Hitler believed Jews to be a race and developed a notion that Aryan strength would be polluted by them 
  • Social Darwinism - Hitler believed in


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