Right Realism

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  • Share the same ideas as the New Right.
  • See crime as a real problem: it destroys communities and threatens the work ethic of society.
  • Control and punishment (e.g. tougher sentences) is the best way to reduce crime rather than tackling the causes of crime.

Biosocial Theory

  • Wilson and Hernstein argue that crime is a result of biological (young men are more aggressive) and social factors (inadequate socialisation).
  • Some people are born with the potential to become criminal.
  • If they are inadequately socialised (e.g. parents didn't teach them right from wrong) they are more likely to commit crime.

The Underclass

  • Murray argues that the increase in crime is due to a growing underclass who fail to socialise children properly and are defined by their deviant behaviour.
  • The underclass in growing as a result of welfare dependency. This has led to a growth of single parent families - men no longer have to take responsibility for supporting their families.
  • Children raised by single mothers are inadequately socialised as they do not have a father figure. Young males turn to other role models on the street and gain status through crime.
  • Only solution is to drastically reduce welfare benefits and force people to be


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