• 1597
  • initially registered as a tragedy 
  • later when appeared 1623-posthumorous collection in history play section
  • edward 1v king
  • 2 bros george duke of clarnce and richard duke of gloucester
  • previous king lancastrian henruy v1 murdered by richartd and murdered son ed prince of wales
  • hens widow maragert survived
  • rich egotistical 
  • plans to detroy bros in pursuit of crown
  • rich able to contrive imprsionement and murder of clarence 
  • marries anne
  • ed dies after hearing about clarence death
  • rich=lord protector as heir to thorne prince ed=a minor
  • ally duke buckingham
  • chcme t make rich king 
  • eliz kindre imprisoned 
  • prince ed and young bro duke york=incarcerated in tower
  • eliz flees to sanctuary 
  • rich and ally catesby to sound out lord…


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