Reward/Need Satisfaction Theory (Formation)

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Reward/Need Satisfaction Theory


BYRNE AND CLORE came up with Reward/Need satisfaction theory.

> This theory suggests we are attracted to people we find satisfying to be with.

> The things we find rewarding tend to reflect our unmet needs.

Rewards and Punishments

> Rewarding stimuli create positive feelings in us.

> Punishing stimuli create negative feelings in us.

> We're likely to repeat behaviour that leads to a desirable outcome and avoid behaviour that leads to an undesirable one. (Operant conditioning).

> This theory suggests that we enter relationships because the presence of some individuals is directly associated with reinforcement which makes them more attractive to us.

Attraction Through Association 

> We also like those who are associated with pleasant events. A neutral stimulus can become positively valued due to their association with a pleasant event, thus making us like them. (Classical conditioning).

> Byrne and Clore believed that a balance of positive and negative feelings was crucial in relationship formation.

> Relationships where positive feelings outweigh the negative feelings were more likely to succeed.


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