Revision of Core Chemistry 1b

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Cracking is the breaking down of hydrocarbons into smaller chains

A typical substance that is cracked is kerosene, the products you get are ethene for plastics and octane petrol.

Alkenes have double carbon-carbon bonds

The general formula for alkenes is CnH2n

The general forumla for alkanes is CnH2n+2

( This is the structure of ethene

When ethene is hydrated with steam it forms ethanol

Polymers are long chain molecules of small alkene molecules

Factors that affect the properties of polymers are: Temperature at which they are made and pressure at which they are made

Uses of polymers include: smart materials, plastics e.g plastic bags, lycra and waterproof coatings

Polymers might become expensive because they are made from crude oil which is a finite resource

Some oils needs to be distilled after extraction because they are impure

Advantages of cooking with oil include: improved taste and gives the food more energy

Another use of vegetable oil is as a biofuel



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